It promises to be another good year for Tuscan oil, with a high quality product. Although there is no reason to smile, because a dangerous trend is being recorded from a quantitative point of view. The number of abandoned olive groves which nobody is taking care of is increasing, due to the urbanization of farming families, but also because oil cultivation often does not grant an adequate income.

Regional Agricultural Councillor, Marco Remaschi, highlighted how Tuscany has lost 25% of olive lands in recent years.  This year moreover there will be a 20% decrease in production compared to an exceptional 2015. The danger of the olive-fly, which continues to strike, has to be added to this. On the other hand it is interesting to highlight how the demand for Tuscan extra virgin olive oil from abroad is continuing to increase; a demand which contributes to use up all the reserves, and risks not being satisfied if it increases any further.  This is what emerged from the presentation of the new year by the Consortium for the safeguard of Igp Tuscan oil, which has 11 thousand partners, including 300 olive oil mills and 600 bottlers.  Tuscan Igp has a production of around 130 thousand tons, more or less 20% of the regional production (plus another 20% that does not go to the market , but is destined for personal use instead), and 65-70% of which will cross the Italian borders . “We should put effort into planting new olive trees – says the President of the Consortium, Fabrizio Filippi – as a replacement of those that are no longer productive”. You need resources to do that. Nevertheless, the risk is that Tuscan oil will become a rarity.


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