Ninety articles to regulate a sector with a value up to 14 billion Euros, 5.5 billion of which is guaranteed by export alone. The Consolidated Act on viticulture and wine production has become law, with its main objective being to simplify the set of rules, avoiding overlapping and cutting down on costs to achieve certifications. This does not mean eliminating controls, on the contrary the new regulation foresees innovative traceability criteria also with regards to IGT wines and for rules granting transparency with regards to imports from abroad. Another important aspect is the safeguarding of vineyards in areas of landscape value and hydro-geological risk.

The decision to allow DOC wines to adopt computerized systems for control and traceability, as an alternative measure to traditional State labels printed by the State Poligrafico, is curious and destined to raise a few questions. A choice made above all for the purpose of reducing managing costs. Although how will it be possible to replace the labels? For example by adopting a QR code, to assure product traceability and at the same time by having specific information after connecting to the web site of the producers.


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