Cooking isn’t a performance. We’ll leave that to TV and trendy shows. “Today those who decide to dine out, at a restaurant, are looking for good things, to eat and to sleep well after they have eaten, not the show. TV captures our attention, but reality is another thing. The chef doesn’t need to show off in front of the customer, but instead offer pleasantness: that’s what makes customers come back.” Marco Stabile, chef at Ora d’Aria restaurant on via dei Georgofili in Florence, has no doubts: Michelin-starred and TV star are not synonyms. “It’s necessary that we also work to better people’s gastronomic culture, which is often lacking. Today there is great confusion about consuming products; just look at what’s happening in the world of gluten free, it’s become a fad that has attracted many people who aren’t even intolerant. Every so often there’s some alarm and we aren’t able to evaluate and understand when we have to stay truly attentive and what choices to make.”

A kitchen, that of Marco Stabile, that originates in tradition but…

“But next to tradition there’s also my personal influence, that brings the dishes to the present and to the future, modernized by introducing new invisible ingredients, and also aromas taken from other cultures, like the East, to give the dishes freshness.”

Behind it all there’s attention to the product.

“Everything starts from there: first the raw material and then technique, because in the stages of cooking the characteristics of the products must be respected.”

marco stabile ora d'ariaWhat remains of Nouvelle Cuisine?

“Luckily there isn’t a trace, meanwhile you can feel the influence of molecular cooking and this helps, because it draws attention to what you put in the pot.

“Ora d’Aria” is a little bit your laboratory and kingdom. But do you have any other long-cherished dreams?

“I would like to continue here, but at the same time, I feel a little boxed in. I would like to try other forms of culinary expression, maybe with a broader audience. I’m ready for other experiences.”


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