Territoriality, contamination and food culture.  A comprehensive project promoted by Francesco Secci with his associates Daniele Capece and Stefano Canfaillo of Il Decanter restaurant in Prato, who were certified last year by Italian Cooks Food and Saturday the 21st of January will launch, right next to their own location, a fish shop- Shark.


“Since the beginning we have decided to invest in our territory and Shark will not only be the first fish shop in central Prato,” explains Francesco, “but it will be a place where you can find fresh fish and shellfish tanks, and also single portions to eat there or to take away, prepared using vacuum sealed cooking techniques at low temperatures, baked products and traditional sushi, with quinoa or couscous.”

The Michelin starred chef Andrea Alimenti is a consultant for the project; he has more than forty years of experience in Italy and abroad. In the kitchen he coordinates many people of whom the young Giulia Talanti of the Associazione Cuochi Fiorentini, who along with her colleagues has had the opportunity to train at Kome Japanese restaurant in Florence run by Aldo Cursano, Deputy Chairman Fipe.

A new adventure that has one fundamental goal, to sensitize consumers to quality food. “Eating fish doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot,” stresses Francesco, “blue tailed fish is a ‘poor fish’, but if it’s caught and gutted directly on board, without being frozen or from a fish farm, it is still a healthy food and this means saving sensibly.”


The Decanter’s format will be exported shortly: first stop Ibiza, with an opening already scheduled for this year, “our personnel will be trained here, in a way that will fully commit to our philosophy,” Francesco says. “Concentrating on excellence means being able to bring experiences to life for the client, we aspire for originality and not validation,” stresses Cursano, “this project has a strategy and all of the requirements to win over the international market.”


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